I’m Rich!

They are an occasional surprise.  “Things” found in my rummaged books.  I get my reading supplies from several places: yard sales, Salvation Army, the Episcopal Thrift store, and …..the dump.  Kea’au has a recycle area at the dump, and a seatainer is filled with donated books which can be purchased at $1.00 per pound.

There are often creative book markers left inside those books.  I have found airline ticket stubs, photos, napkins and even straw wrappers.  Once I found a credit card receipt: the old kind that were run through a pressure imprinter; the card number was easily read. (I tore it to small shreds and discarded it…..hope someone would do the same for me….)

Today, though, I hit the jackpot! Inside the book “Nathaniel’s Nutmeg” (a n entertaining history of the spice trade in the 1600’s) was a ticket to the Tower of London.

In small print across the bottom of the ticket were these words:  “This ticket includes the Crown Jewels.”

WOOT!  Book me an airplane….I’m off to London to collect!