Exceedingly Fond

The Shack, a book by William Paul Young, tells the story of one man’s close encounter with the Triune God. It is sad and affirming and touching and joyful…..

One week several years ago, I had a phone chat with a dear friend from my former hometown. She told me all the news that was news. And most of it was not of a happy sort. We talked for an hour…and I hung up the phone feeling a great sadness…..

…..which is the term that the main character in The Shack uses to describe his life after a devastating event. But during his sojourn with God/Jesus/Spirit, he talks about the people -past and present- in his life. And God/Jesus/Spirit always says “Oh, Willy (or Katie, or Nan…or…whomever….)! I’m exceedingly fond of him/her!”

I found that to be the highlight of the book. No matter what I do, how I screw up, no matter how much I hurt (or cause hurt to)…God is exceedingly fond of me.

And as you wend your way through Lent’s exercises in self-examination and repentance, you should remember……he is exceedingly fond of you, too.