July 2009 Archives

What were they thinking?

We made ice cream this weekend.  It was the first time we had ever done that.  A $20 ice cream maker from Wally World and a passel of over-ripe bananas made for a delicious treat.  And led me to wonder…. Who was the first person to decide that if a bucket were filled with cream and sugar, then layers of ice and salt were built up on the outside, and then it was paddled, or Continue reading

Exceedingly Fond

The Shack, a book by William Paul Young, tells the story of one man’s close encounter with the Triune God. It is sad and affirming and touching and joyful….. One week several years ago, I had a phone chat with a dear friend from my former hometown. She told me all the news that was news. And most of it was not of a happy sort. We talked for an hour…and I hung up the Continue reading

I’m Rich!

They are an occasional surprise.  “Things” found in my rummaged books.  I get my reading supplies from several places: yard sales, Salvation Army, the Episcopal Thrift store, and …..the dump.  Kea’au has a recycle area at the dump, and a seatainer is filled with donated books which can be purchased at $1.00 per pound. There are often creative book markers left inside those books.  I have found airline ticket stubs, photos, napkins and even straw Continue reading