Well, they TOLD me how to do it

….but I didn’t really think it would work. I was told that the way to plant my spider orchid was to tie it to a tree in the jungle with an old pair of pantyhose, and let it “parasite” itself to the tree. An area of shade and frequent mist/rain was best, so I was told.

The hard part was finding a pair of old pantyhose, as I am delighted to say I haven’t worn them since the day we moved to Hawaii.

Nevertheless, in October I removed it from its plastic pot, found a notch in a tree near our hanging bridge through the jungle, and “hosed” it. The flowers all eventually died off, as I would expect, but the leaves stayed green and healthy through the winter.

And today…..there were new flowers and buds. So there, Grandma. I ARE a farmer!