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A case of the doldrums

The text for this week’s sermon was Mark 4:35-41, where Jesus calmed the storm. Pastor, during his sermon spoke of not only those storms that scare us and cause damage, but also those times when life is too benign. He referred to an area of dead calm in the sea, “the doldrums.” It was here he said, where we…went nowhere. Yesterday K and B came over for band practice. He is a retired  merchant marine, Continue reading


“Orange!?” I was incredulous. At a church potluck several years ago, we all stood and introduced ourselves, described our favorite animal and preferred color. I will overlook the fact that he named ME his favorite animal, but when he said his favorite color was orange, I was stunned….but not speechless. “I’ve been married to you for twenty-six years,” I blurted, “and this is the first time you have ever told me you liked orange!” He Continue reading

Well, they TOLD me how to do it

….but I didn’t really think it would work. I was told that the way to plant my spider orchid was to tie it to a tree in the jungle with an old pair of pantyhose, and let it “parasite” itself to the tree. An area of shade and frequent mist/rain was best, so I was told. The hard part was finding a pair of old pantyhose, as I am delighted to say I haven’t worn Continue reading

Does this gray hair make me look old?

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or insulted.  As I interviewed his mother during a history and physical, the young Hawaiian boy pulled at my sleeve to ask questions. You may remember my “mini” Hawaiian lesson:  Tutu or Auntie is the honorific for an older woman, an expression of respect.  Tutu specifically means “Grandmother.” As he pulled at my sleeve, he looked up and said “Tutu, is my mommy sick?” I wonder if Clairol Continue reading