You would think….

…..that after nearly singlehandedly building our Nevada (5000sq ft) home…

…..and working for years as a service tech doing plumbing and electrical installations in new photo stores…..

…..and rewiring and replumbing anything in any of our homes that needed rewiring or replumbing…..

…..that he would believe in his own abilities by now.

But, he fretted, and worried, and drew copious wiring diagrams, and joined online forums to get additional suggestions and expert opinions, and spent sleepless nights going over all the details every night for weeks. I’m sure part of his concern was the multithousand dollar investment we had just made into 14 new solar panels, and the fact that though he has done many electric installations, none of them was solar.

But, he flipped the switch today. And the inverter hummed nicely as the new panels tripled the production of electricity.

When will he (we) learn. Don’t sweat the small …….or big…..stuff.

And he can move on to the next project…….