In the nearly 33 years we’ve been married, we’ve been like Jack Sprat and his wife…..

…..he could eat no fat, and I could eat no lean. Well, not really, but certainly as a mostly fat person, my preoccupation with food is more pronounced than his ever was.

Until today. He is “cleaning out” for his colonoscopy (oh the joys of middle age….) tomorrow, and the smell and sight of food has suddenly become an obsession. As we drove by a McDonalds, he turned his head longingly as I passed the driveway. A Subway sign sent him into a recitation of their most recent ad jingle. Dorito’s commercials had him drooling.

The green Jello, chicken boullion and lemon-lime soda that he was allowed unlimited amounts of did nothing to assuage his hunger.

Shakespeare comes to mind. But instead of King Richard searching for a steed, I can picture DH shouting “A pizza! A pizza! My bankroll for a pizza!”

This too shall pass (snrrrkkkk!!!!)