What a great day……Friday the 13th!

I am an ostrich. I figure if I ignore something long enough, it will go away.  But, of course, taxes don’t. So I faced the music today and booted up my copy of turbotax.

It’s not that I was afraid (well, not TOO much, anyway) of what we’d end up owing……it’s just that with packing, moving, coming back months later to get the seatainer, renting, then buying a house, starting a new company, getting new licenses and…and….and…..all the STUFF was just so unorganized.

And I dreaded trying to sort it out to take it to a CPA.

So, I spent all day at it.  Once I started, it all fell into place, and I was able to find (most) of what I needed in our papers. What I couldn’t find, I downloaded. Will we get a refund? Definitely not….but the bottom line was much nicer than I had feared.  The monthly pre-emptive IRS payments made a big dent in the final bill. And the new solar photovoltaic system gave some very nice credits.

So, we celebrated with a Lilikoi shake and dinner at The 50’s Diner.

Life is good.