Tell them (reprise)

Mr. V died Thursday.  He had multiple medical problems, was on numerous medications and had been seen by numerous specialists for his myriad problems.

His long term companion had, in the past, tried to have him make a will, address their finances and make contingency plans in case there was an emergency.

He had declined, not wanting to think about the possibility that he could die. And so the companion of many years, with whom he lived, and for whom he provided, is left behind.

Shocked as she was by his death, she is overcome by the legalities. She cannot access the checking account. Or the insurance papers. She cannot deal with the health insurance claims, or even legally sell off any belongings in order to pay bills.

NONE of us wants to die. NONE of us want to plan our own funerals and make plans for when we are gone.

But if you don’t, there’s a mess….a big mess.

Tell your family what you want…..and what you don’t want. Write it down. Make it clear. Make sure that those left behind have only to mourn for you, not worry about whether they can get money to put gas in the car to get to your funeral…..

Tell them.