Here a whale, there a whale

…everywhere a whale, whale.

It was very eerie….during the last week of February, the white sand Hawaiian beach we were on was empty.  There was NO ONE else. Granted, the skies were overcast, unusual for the west side of Big Island.  And the wind was a bit chillier than we like it to be……But I still would have expected there to be SOMEONE vacationing and enjoying the beach in Hawaii in the middle of winter!!

I was a bit nervous about going into the water when there was no one else around….But, plucking up my courage, I put on my snorkel gear and entered the water.  Though it looked very calm from our seats on the beach, there were large swells when I went in…..and I noted quite an undertow.  I only went out 15 yards or so, and the swells stirred up so much sand that the visibility was zilch……back to the beach,.

So the beaching was a bust, but the whales were in great form.  We watched them breach and blow for two hours.

Then we decided to check another bay that we had not yet been to: Kiholo Bay.  Again, it was empty. It was windy.  The swells were 3-5 feet high… we sat and watched the water….and more whales…gobs of whales….pods of whales…..  We explored the Queen’s Bath: a lava tube whose roof has collapsed, and which is filled with crystal clear spring water.  Didn’t go in……spring water is too cold!

Great whale breaching…..poor people beaching.  I guess we’ll wait till late spring (and calmer, warmer water) before we hit the beach again….