February 2009 Archives

Here a whale, there a whale

…everywhere a whale, whale. It was very eerie….during the last week of February, the white sand Hawaiian beach we were on was empty.  There was NO ONE else. Granted, the skies were overcast, unusual for the west side of Big Island.  And the wind was a bit chillier than we like it to be……But I still would have expected there to be SOMEONE vacationing and enjoying the beach in Hawaii in the middle of winter!! Continue reading

Are you Saved?

I was asked that today by an acquaintance at the hospital. As a good Lutheran, my standard answer is “yes, I was saved 2000 years ago when Jesus, hanging on a cross said ‘It is finished.’” But the question just hit me in a funny way today, and I was stunned by a vision of a series of “life vignettes.” ….like the time as a young girl when I refused to get out of my Continue reading

Tell them (reprise)

Mr. V died Thursday.  He had multiple medical problems, was on numerous medications and had been seen by numerous specialists for his myriad problems. His long term companion had, in the past, tried to have him make a will, address their finances and make contingency plans in case there was an emergency. He had declined, not wanting to think about the possibility that he could die. And so the companion of many years, with whom Continue reading

If I only knew what turned it on and off…

…..I’d be rich. The eating switch that is. I was a fat baby. A fat child. A fat teenager, young adult…..all the way here to middle age. Oh, there have been various stages of fatness, sometimes I am grossly fat, other times only plump. I’ve gained and lost thousands of pounds in my life. It seems to go in 7-10 year cycles. Got (relatively) thin at 19, fat by 22. Gross again after marriage and Continue reading

Much Ado

The Superbowl commercials, that is. Only two of the Doritos commercials lived up to hype….. Well, and maybe the insects hijacking the Coke….