A whale of a show!

Well, I had been feeling quite sorry for myself.  The Punaweb boards have been buzzing with people commenting on how many whales they’ve seen. Even DM, who lives mauka of us here in Ninole posted how he and DW had been watching a whale breach here in Ninole.  We hadn’t seen any.  We saw the occasional spout. But no whale.

Yesterday we drove to Hawi and the North Kohala coast. At Kapu’u park we sat for nearly two hours, watching them jump and spout.

But none at home.

Until today. It is a stunning day….clear blue skies, sunny, cool (about 70 today.) I’m sitting on the lanai with laptop (sounds like a painting:  “Still life with laptop…”)….and there they were…..right in front of us.  A pod of them blowing and jumping.

Woot.  (gotta get a better/faster camera….)