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I Got Good News…and Bad News

…well maybe not bad news. Maybe more of an “ewwww” factor. I went to listen to a patient’s chest early last night (just after starting my shift at 7pm), put my stethoscope into my ears and yowled in pain (again….).  I (again) had lost an ear piece, and so had put the unprotected steel tube into my ear canal. Last time it happened, I prevailed on one of the nurses to give me a disposable scope, one used Continue reading

A whale of a show!

Well, I had been feeling quite sorry for myself.  The Punaweb boards have been buzzing with people commenting on how many whales they’ve seen. Even DM, who lives mauka of us here in Ninole posted how he and DW had been watching a whale breach here in Ninole.  We hadn’t seen any.  We saw the occasional spout. But no whale. Yesterday we drove to Hawi and the North Kohala coast. At Kapu’u park we sat Continue reading

I Lift My Eyes Up

MS needed to fly back to the mainland last night to attend her grandmother’s funeral.  I said a prayer for safe travel, and one of thanksgiving for her grandmother’s life, which then led to a reflection of lives that come and go….and the ebb and flow of events within each life. Certainly we have had copious “comings and goings” of our own this year, and our lives now bear little resemblance to our prior lives, Continue reading

Things that surprise me…

….about living in Hawaii…. 1. There are no shells. The reefs offshore breakup any seashells that might make it to shore. So, we have never found any but very tiny (less than 1/2″) shells. 2. They really do speak pidgin. It is spoken by all locals (those who grew up here), by all all races and nationalities. It definitely takes some ear-training to understand it at times. 3. It gets cold in winter. Well, not Continue reading

Life’s a Beach

The sky was blue, the sun warm and it was my day off…..so to Richardson’s Beach we went.  At 9:45 am when we arrived, we had the entire place to ourselves (and two lifeguards….). As the morning wore on, a few people arrived, the “boat people”-from the cruise ship-came through on their whirlwind Roberts of Hawaii bus tour.  They took pictures and left. A pair of men set their towels next to our chairs, donned Continue reading

The Dads

Steve and Mom Dance

I want to die……

……like that. She was sent to the ER because her doctor heard something odd in her lungs.  She walked in on her daughter’s arm.  The 95 year old woman was laughing and joking with the staff when she arrived,  but offered no specific complaint. The doctor thought he heard a pneumonia, and he wanted it treated with IV antibiotics. The ER doc felt she was not acutely ill, and could be treated as an outpatient, Continue reading

Stranger in a strange land (part 3)

Moving to Hawaii has been a revelation in many ways.  Not only are we a minority among an island of minorities (there is no one dominant ethnic group in Hawaii), but we “speak funny” –in other words, we speak mainland English, so we don’t sound like “locals,” who often speak Pidgin. Pidgin is a combination of English, Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese…and who knows what else! It has been an education just learning to communicate here. Certainly, Continue reading