December 2008 Archives

Rainy Days and Fridays

Winter has arrived here on Big Island.  Yes, we have loads of snow…..up mauka (up-mountain).   And rain.  Lots of rain. Astounding amounts of rain. We have a gulch on one side of our property, over which is a footbridge which allows us access to the parking area on the other side. When we first looked at this property, a gentle stream gurgled beneath the bridge, adding a charming babble to our coming and goings. Continue reading

Testing….1, 2, 3……

Thenk yew…..thenk yew vurry much…… …….and testing the training wheels on my new birthday gift….

Pretty paper

Well, I did something today that I haven’t done in a long time…. Friends and family know I am a packrat. And a cheap one at that. For more years than I can count, I have purchased Christmas wrapping paper in January, when it is at least 75% off. Each year I would buy at least a few more rolls: It would never go to waste, I reasoned… Over the years of our marriage, I Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home….

L had told us “don’t leave all your stuff behind…there is something sacred about putting your old treasures into your new home!”  We had told her our plans to sell just about everything when we moved from Nevada to Hawaii, thinking that all that old Victorian fru-fru stuff would look incongruous here. She was right, of course. It was like Christmas opening each box in our seacontainer to find dishes, paintings and a few treasured Continue reading