Nothing says lovin’……

… skunking the rest of the family in a game of Shanghai Rummy!

One of my earliest memories is of playing Michigan Rummy at family gatherings.  Yes, turkey and pumpkin pie are great.  Mashed potatoes are yummy…..

….but it’s not a REAL holiday until we sit down at the card table.  Being able to cash in on the 7-8-9 of diamonds, and rake in all those pennies was nirvana when I was growing up.

Since 1980 or so, the game-de-jour has been Shanghai Rummy.  Using 3 decks of cards, the ultimate high is being able to go “out” while eveyone else is still holding all their cards.

Now that DS and MS have moved here, we are again playing cards as a family.  They are coming for dinner tonight, I have loaded up the Christmas music in the computer “my music” folder, and the cards are ready to be dealt.

I give thanks for……a slam dunk SKUNK hand!! Deal ’em!!

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