November 2008 Archives

Happy Thanksgiving

Perhaps it started when DH, in March of 2006 asked “why couldn’t you get a job in Hawaii?” Well, no reason why not, I supposed. And so, the journey to Hawaii began. Trippler hospital on Oahu had an opening “with my name on it..”….but they never called in reponse to my application. God knew better. Traffic, congested neighborhoods and long commutes were really not my cup-o-tea…… ….but there was a job on Big Island. Rural, Continue reading

Nothing says lovin’……

… skunking the rest of the family in a game of Shanghai Rummy! One of my earliest memories is of playing Michigan Rummy at family gatherings.  Yes, turkey and pumpkin pie are great.  Mashed potatoes are yummy….. ….but it’s not a REAL holiday until we sit down at the card table.  Being able to cash in on the 7-8-9 of diamonds, and rake in all those pennies was nirvana when I was growing up. Since Continue reading


Before they moved to Kauai, D and L held an estate sale, at which she sold many of her paintings and prints. One, a seascape of a sailboat with a floating tulip, depicted L’s longing for her homeland of Holland. We had bought a small print of the painting, and were stunned and grateful when she gifted us with the original as a going-away gift. At the time, I had an online store where I Continue reading

Noise…is good

We’ve lived here 7 months. Until last week, we were renters of this house, and the landlady lived behind us in the guest house. We are not particularly noisy. Or slob-like. But, it wasn’t OUR house, and so for those 6 1/2 months, we tiptoed, whispered, played the radio only at barely audible levels and generally were not… ease. Landlady has moved away back to the mainland, and the house (and the mortgage) is now Continue reading