Needle in a haystack….

In retrospect, Pastor Bev would have told me it had been a prophetic dream. Upon waking, I thought it had to do with grace and salvation, a subject recently discussed in bible study and subsequently blogged upon……

… the dream I couldn’t see clearly because I had lost my THICK contact lens. I searched and searched, and finally found it in a pile of clothing, laying on the floor at the thrift store, and the dream ended with me picking the lens off the dusty floor.

Get it? Amazing grace….I was blind…..but now I see…….well, that was my interpretation of the grace angle.

We spent the day at Waialea beach yesterday. It was perfect. Calm seas, warm sun, gentle breezes, DH’s nosebleed……which sort of spoiled his snorkeling experience. His (cheap) mask had gotten deformed by sitting too long in the hot car, and so he tried a second one, and we set out together. He stopped to fiddle with the mask, and shook his head. I interpreted that to mean it wasn’t working well, and he was going to give up and go back to shore.

I swam out to the rock formation to check on “my” fish population, and when I turned back to the shore, he was gesturing for me to come to him. When I got there he told me he had lost the purge valve in the alternate snorkel, and so water was pouring into his mask, and up his already irritated nasal passages. (did you know a shark can smell a drop of blood from a mile away……?)

He pointed at the sandy bottom and said, “it’s right down there, but I can’t swim to the bottom to pick it up. I looked, and saw no valve…which is a 1″ by 1/4” disc of clear plastic. I saw rocks. Coral. Shells. Bits of coconut shells. As waves came in, the bottom was being churned up and I saw…..nothing.

DH gave up and went up the beach to get a 3rd mask to try, and I kept looking………..and there it was.

At the edge of the sea, in five feet of water, on a sandy bottom, with waves churning…….I found and picked up the small plastic disc. Amazing! It was done with such…..grace…..

Pastor Bev would have been so proud.