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Doing the right thing (reprise)…….

……for the wrong reason. We went downtown yesterday (after getting chased out of the ocean by the lifeguards due to a shark siting…….) to pick up some lettuce and cukes at the farmer’s market. We stopped in at Sallie’s (Salvation Army) so I could peruse the used book section.  I found a few to add to my supply for work, and went to the counter to check out. The young mother in front of us Continue reading

Beauty, eh?

One of the fun things in snorkeling, is seeing new species that you haven’t yet seen before.  Yesterday was a banner day, as there were lots of fish, including this lovely: …known as a Peacock Grouper (took me some mega websurfing to find it, I’ll tell ya!).  He was hard to see as he blended perfectly into the coral/sand bottom…I only noted a flicking blue fin, or I would have missed him…. …one more for Continue reading

Well, there are SOME disadvantages…

…..I miss you guys-you know who you are…… …..NPR’s Prairie Home and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me are on at inconvenient times…. …..parks are too crowded to enjoy on weekends…… …..gas and groceries are expensive….. but the WORST is that there is not a proper bathtub at this place.  DH, feeling romantic tonight, drew a bath for me, placed a lit candle in the bathroom, and left me to soak…..in a dishpan. …..I miss my Continue reading

One ringy-dingy….

….so I had been looking for a Hawaiian Slack Key guitar ringtone for my cute little EnV phone…. ….but hadn’t been able to find one (that I was willing to pay the price for, that is….) So, DS wrote a blog/review about his new iPhone, and in it mentioned http://makeownringtone.com/ as a place where one can make his/her own ringtones. …so I am now happily listening to George Winston and Keola Beamer playing slack key Continue reading

Doing the right thing….

“Thought those mailing to or from Ft. Walton Beach, Fla may need to know that my son went there to mail a phone this morning July 4 and found the joint unlocked and no employees on sight. He walked all around the place including the back where packages were laying to be mailed. He did contact police. My son is honest to a severe fault. This could have turned out very badly. Don’t you think Continue reading