I got good news and…

Used to be when something good happened to me or an acquaintance, I would say “…must have gone to church on Sunday.” Well, as noted in blog below, we didn’t go to church on Sunday.

On Monday they were to deliver our seatainer: a 20 x 8 x 8 metal box in which we will store our belongings, then ship them, then which will become a garage/storage building on our new property. That’s good.

But, the transport truck had mechanical problems and it didn’t arrive till Tuesday afternoon. The driver could not get up our road (which is actually in very good condition given the kind of winter we had….)with his loaded truck. That’s bad.

So, he took his forklift off his truck, LIFTED the 4 ton box twenty feet into the air (to avoid clipping the trees lining the road) and carried it up the driveway. That’s VERY good.

But, he didn’t bring the certificate. Without a valid, current marine surveyor certificate of seaworthiness, no shipping company will forward this freight box, and when I contracted to purchase it, I made it clear that I must have the certificate. Without it, we would have to pay a marine surveyor (not many of them live in the Nevada desert……) to come here to perform an inspection and issue one. If that were necessary, the box would have to be empty–meaning, we couldn’t pack it prior to leaving next week. That’s bad.

A phone call to the seller resulted in a copy of it. That’s good.

The operating agreement for my clinic (which my partner and I just dissolved) called for paying me 20% of any money due as a lump sum, and the remainder in monthly installments. But, since the money was available, they paid me in full…..giving me much more fluidity during this move and 6 weeks of being paycheckless. That’s good.

But, taxes come due during that time, and for the last few years I have owed LARGE amounts at the end of the year……which would certainly cut into that fluidity. That’s VERY bad.

The accountant called yesterday. I GOT A REFUND!!!!!!!! (the first time in 10 years…..). That’s…..well, you know.

I think we won’t go to church this Sunday, either!