March 2008 Archives

The Fading Rain

There was a song on George Winston’s “December” album named “Minstrels.”  It was a nice song when you listened thru speakers.  It was a hauntinly surreal song when you listened through earphones.  With earphones, you hear the sound start in your right ear….it gets louder as it travels through your head….till it reaches your left ear and then fades away….like minstrels approaching, and then their music fading as they march past you. I thought of that song as Continue reading

I got good news and…

Used to be when something good happened to me or an acquaintance, I would say “…must have gone to church on Sunday.” Well, as noted in blog below, we didn’t go to church on Sunday. On Monday they were to deliver our seatainer: a 20 x 8 x 8 metal box in which we will store our belongings, then ship them, then which will become a garage/storage building on our new property. That’s good. But, Continue reading