We regret to inform you….

….that church is canceled.

That was the message I heard when the phone rang early this morning.   We have been trapped in a series of storms coming off the Pacific: daily snows and blowing winds necessitate frequent snowplowing by DH.

Pastor Bev, living in our guest house, and not used to such persistent “weather,” asked whether we have ever had to cancel church in the past. “CANCEL CHURCH?!” exclaimed DH. “Never happen-we’re always able to get through.”

So, we woke this morning to another 5″ of snow.  DH trudged out the door to plow……and the phone rang.  The church president called to say that due to dangerous roads, the council had decided to cancel church.

I thought “church can’t be cancelled!!  I AM the church!”  And of course, I am correct. Church SERVICES may be cancelled, but church–the community of believers is alive and well.

So, though I will not be sitting behind the organ today, and though I will not kneel at the rail to take communion with my co-worshippers, I am still  “at” church.

“For lo, I am with you always……”