February 2008 Archives

Hope Springs Eternal….

As I walked (slid, fell, slipped) down the icy road toward my borrowed car this morning, I heard them. Birds. Singing. Chirping. Warbling. Perhaps I hadn’t noticed earlier due to our winter-induced hibernation. Or because I have been buried in (snowy) misery. Or because it is just such a chore to get up and down the driveway that I couldn’t be bothered to notice. But today…..I noticed.  And I smiled. Though one wouldn’t know it Continue reading

We regret to inform you….

….that church is canceled. That was the message I heard when the phone rang early this morning.   We have been trapped in a series of storms coming off the Pacific: daily snows and blowing winds necessitate frequent snowplowing by DH. Pastor Bev, living in our guest house, and not used to such persistent “weather,” asked whether we have ever had to cancel church in the past. “CANCEL CHURCH?!” exclaimed DH. “Never happen-we’re always able to Continue reading