The glass is half…..

There is value. And there is perceived value. Not necessarily the same thing. I don’t like to think of myself as being easily swayed by marketing ploys, but then we went to dinner yesterday…..

A new sports bar/restaurant, Muley’s, opened in the neighborhood. We let them “work the kinks out” for a couple weeks before going in for a late lunch yesterday. I’ll gloss over the obvious shortcoming of hiring waitresses for a sports bar/restaurant who are too young to serve alcohol….forcing the bartender to have to bring all the drinks….to ALL the tables as well as serving the bar patrons…..

The menu was typical SB fare-moderately priced. I hadn’t eaten due to my long road trip (blog to follow…), and so was looking at the dinner entrees. Hmm, 10 oz top sirloin with garlic potatoes and saute’d mushrooms for $11. Not bad. I noted that they served breakfast at any time, and under the breakfast menu there was an entry for “10 oz top sirloin, 3 eggs, hash browns, toast and fruit”…..for $9.

As I pondered the thought process behind their pricing scheme, our drinks (finally) arrrived. The keg ran out before filling DH’s glass (and they had no more of that brand), so they brought him those dregs…..his glass only 2/3 full. My glass of wine was served in a 12 oz tumbler–it looked like one or two sips swirling around the bottom of the glass. Now, I KNOW that a glass of wine is typically 3-4oz. And I KNOW that there was about 3oz of wine in that glass….

But it LOOKED nearly empty due to the ridiculously large (and just wrong…) kind of glass they used. And so, though the (dinner-$11, not breakfast-$9) steak was fair, and DH’s burger ok…. due to the poor presentation and inadequate staffing, the PERCEIVED value of the whole meal was….well, just say that I have been swayed by a LACK of marketing ploys. And probably won’t return.