Life in the fast lane…..

Whew! Well, don’t say that WE aren’t part of the jet set!  Now that I am awake and recovering from our New Year’s Eve celebration, I will condescend to share with you the log of our festivities.

It started in the morning with a snowshoeing expedition with the dogs around the property. Only once around in 10″ of snow was enough excitement for me, so I retired back to the safety (and warmth) of my den.

DH had arisen, had eaten breakfast and had started on the dizzying anticipation of painting the third downstairs bathroom…..

Having recovered from the excitement of our walk, I then proceeded to do some traveling… Ace Hardware to purchase two (YES! Not one, but two!!!) gallons of paint for the (former music and now…) family room and some pellets for the den stove, followed by a trip to the grocery store where an attempt was made to rip me off for 59 cents by a nine-year old (see previous blog…).

Phoned greetings from DS, who was sitting in a hot tub in Las Vegas, interrupted my giddy episode of briefcase cleaning in the middle of the day (those who know me know it’s really a postal box that I schlep from home to office and back…..), and gave me a few minutes of quiet to build strength for the fast paced activity yet to come!

DH finished painting the bathroom, and together, as in a sensual dance, I held the medicine cabinet in place while he manipulated the toggle bolts to attach it to the wall. Be still my beating heart!

Spent, but still enjoying my New Year’s Eve gala, I prepared a special meal of roast lamb and red potatoes, accompanied by a special wine:  a liter of White Merlot for $7.99 (while DH enjoyed his bottle of Michelob Amber Boch).

And the entertainment!  A marathon broadcast of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel provided hours of viewing pleasure for me, while DH, ensconced in headphones, watched his dvd copy of  Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Farrell, his guffaws occasionally drowning out the sound of Anthony Bourdain’s voice. (but DH periodically titillated my senses with a troglodyte dance across the family room when he would go for more food or drink…).

The throngs of people celebrating New Years were right there in my family room at top-of-the-hour Travel Channel updates: New Zealand, Australia,  Beijing, Berlin, Paris, London, Edinborough, Rio de Janeiro, New York….all finished by 9pm…..and by that time I was so overwhelmed with exercise, shopping, decorating, eating, stimulating entertainment and traveling the world, that I fell asleep in my recliner by 10pm (Nevada time).

Please don’t hate us for our fast paced, jet-set lives.  Enjoy, vicariously, our celebrations….