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Life in the fast lane…..

Whew! Well, don’t say that WE aren’t part of the jet set!  Now that I am awake and recovering from our New Year’s Eve celebration, I will condescend to share with you the log of our festivities. It started in the morning with a snowshoeing expedition with the dogs around the property. Only once around in 10″ of snow was enough excitement for me, so I retired back to the safety (and warmth) of my Continue reading

Rita Rae, they done ya proud!

….the choir did.  Since the REAL musician left, I have tried to hold the fort as defaulty  (pun  intended…) organist.  Though I am essentially a cocktail lounge keyboardist….playing melody line and chords, I thought we (the choir) could still pull off a couple anthems for Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols. I can’t play the parts….I was too lazy to learn all that hard stuff…, but the Worship Today website has a rehearsal studio that allows Continue reading

So long, and thanks…..

So long, and thanks for all the fish….(with apologies to Douglas Adams….) There was a chat on one of the eBay discussion boards today about how to increase store traffic (since eBay has now virtually eliminated any eBay Store item from search…..), and one seller was particularly worried that Christmas was going to be quite spare at his house due to lack of sales now. Another wag suggested that he offer to sell his store Continue reading

Sunset at Kekaha Beach, Kauai, with Dand L

Sunset at Kekaha Beach, Kauai, with Dand L

The glass is half…..

There is value. And there is perceived value. Not necessarily the same thing. I don’t like to think of myself as being easily swayed by marketing ploys, but then we went to dinner yesterday….. A new sports bar/restaurant, Muley’s, opened in the neighborhood. We let them “work the kinks out” for a couple weeks before going in for a late lunch yesterday. I’ll gloss over the obvious shortcoming of hiring waitresses for a sports bar/restaurant Continue reading

Sometimes fiction is better….

So we have been watching Battle of the Nutcrackers on Ovation TV: a series of four presentations of The Nutcracker Suite on four different nights, after which one can vote for his/her favorite performance. Each is different: from the classical Bolshoi Ballet to the silly Hard Nut version… As we watched I commented to DH that ballet is better on tv than live on stage…and he agreed with me. I was referring of course, to Continue reading

Stranger in a Strange Land (part 1)

There was an interesting discussion on NPR this morning. The correspondent was a woman who grew up in Brooklyn, New York in an Orthodox Jewish community.  She recounted how, in her neighborhood, Hanukkah was not a “substitute” for Christmas.  In her neighborhood, all were Jewish, and all celebrated the festival of lights. Later in her life, she spent several years living in Israel.  She waxed nostalgic about the Hanukkah celebrations there:  the Gelt, the Dreidel Continue reading