The best antiques are….Old Friends

I tried not to…..but (as he would have pointed out…) I am a squish, and when the tears start…they will not be denied.

Today is Christ the King Sunday: the last Sunday of the liturgical year. In the contemporary Family service, we (the band) played King of Kings as the recessional. Written in a minor key and with definite Hebrew hora-type style, it starts very slowly, then goes faster and faster and faster and….

Pastor Bev left the chancel and walked down to the back of the church. And I burst into tears. I love Pastor Bev…she has been a blessing to me and to our church….but she is not Dick.

King of Kings was Dick’s song. He would…Tevye like, with arms waving in the air….strut down the aisle, then weave his way back to the bandstand, where he would pronounce the final blessing.

The only constant in life is change, and we generally adapt and move on. But the memories of old ways and old friends can bring a pang of loss…as well as joy in the remembering.