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The best antiques are….Old Friends

I tried not to…..but (as he would have pointed out…) I am a squish, and when the tears start…they will not be denied. Today is Christ the King Sunday: the last Sunday of the liturgical year. In the contemporary Family service, we (the band) played King of Kings as the recessional. Written in a minor key and with definite Hebrew hora-type style, it starts very slowly, then goes faster and faster and faster and…. Pastor Continue reading

We Gather Together

I give thanks… For David…  He is my reason for living, my muse, my partner, my friend, my construction supervisor, my conscience, my lover… For Steve…. Our son, the sunshine of our lives and a shining light in the darkness… For Susan B….who burst into tears when I told her I was moving….who reminds me of how important good friends are… For Rita Rae….who taught me the importance of dotted quarter notes, and who saved Continue reading

The Flock

Yesterday was All Saints Day–the day that we remember those who have had an influence on our Christian walk. The sermon was very good: acknowledging that though we may have different theologies and ways of approaching worship, we all have Christ as the head of our collective bodies. As I listened to the sermon, I pictured a stage full of dancers… I admit, I love watching Riverdance, the Irish dance troupe. Perhaps it’s the rhythmic Continue reading