If I were a terrorist….

…I would still be at large. The Department of Homeland Security color alert is orange- high alert. The announcements of same were constant in every airport-and the canned speech was being blared overhead as we were ready to board yesterday. Having flown in from Oakland, to Honolulu, we were at the interisland terminal for flight from Oahu to Kauai, and were in the boarding line. I pulled my boarding pass out from my case, handed it to the attendant, who ripped off the end and handed it back to me.

DH and I walked across the tarmac to the plane, where the boarding agent, who had glanced at the stubs of those passengers boarding ahead of me, waving them on, looked confused about mine. He looked at my stub, turned it over, looked at me and asked “where are you going? Maui? ”

I replied (not quite politely….) “no, Kauai!” He waved me on. I looked at the stub as I walked up the ramp, wondering what had caused his confusion. It was not my boarding pass, but a receipt from my fare from SLC to Oakland. At the plane’s door, I showed the CORRECT boarding pass to the flight attendant and asked if she wanted to take the appropriate portion. She shrugged her shoulders and said someone might come asking about it…..

But “someone” didn’t….and we flew to Kauai without incident.

Glad to know that the important part of security is making me walk barefoot through the terminal, and not whether I even have a ticket……