August 2007 Archives

A homily for Linda

A few years ago, Pastor Dick came to choir rehearsal one night. He sat beside me, laid his head against my shoulder and said “my job sucks.” He had just come from the ER where he was in attendance at the unsuccessful code blue for two young people, members of our church, who had been mortally injured in a hiking accident in the canyon. Ministers and doctors are often called on to give bad news, Continue reading

I don’t get no respect!

It was always one of my favorite cartoons: a doctor sits behind his desk and speaks to the patient sitting across from him. A very withered, sick looking plant sets on the edge of the desk. The doctor points to it and says “I’m just not good with living things.” I thought of the cartoon when I entered the powder room this morning. There, on the edge of the sink, lay a flower. It had Continue reading

Can you say scuzbucket? I knew you could….

Ok, I have stopped shaking, my tears have dried, and she was able to walk the mile home without too much discomfort after DH was able to get the trap off…. But if I find out who the effing bastard is who put an animal trap into the stream where all the local dogs stop for a cool drink after walking the lake path…s/he better not come into MY er! (oops, you mean I wasn’t Continue reading