It’s Time!

She would be appalled. My acquaintance is most certainly a wine snob.  She has tsk-tsked over my “untrained palate” in the past.

For our anniversary on Monday, DH bought me a bottle of White Merlot. (For wine snobs, it is on a par with White Zinfandel: in other words, lower than whale dung.)

Today, as we contemplated the placement of the glass-front cabinets in the kitchen remodel (which will hold the vintage 20’s fluted, delicate, VERY fragile wine glasses that I inherited from my step-mom), he almost emptied the bottle of Merlot for me to drink with my dinner.  For my second glass, I combined the dregs of the Merlot with the dregs of the Chardonny (from the box…….) to enjoy with my microwaved chicken/onion/tomato combo dinner.

As I poured, two images came to mind.  The first was of Jeff Foxworthy saying, “You might be a redneck if…..” and the second was of Orson Wells, sitting in a leather chair and intoning into the camera:  “We will drink no wine before its time.”

It’s time.  I’m probably a redneck……and don’t let HER know about  it.  I’d never live it down…..