And 31 is a MOP!!!

The traditional gift for one’s first anniversary is paper. The second is cotton, fifth is wood, tenth is aluminum and twenty-fifth is silver.

DH and I have never been too much into “traditional” gifts for each other, and instead prefer to buy things for the house or travel. Well, this year was our 31st, and we have been on a remodeling/updating rampage. A new deck, new paint, new stair railings, finishing the flagstone patio…..and updating the kitchen!

We tore out cabinets and walls, rearranged the kitchen layout, changed the dining room paint and updated the fixtures. We tore out the (nasty) wood floors and laid cement board backing for new tile throughout the kitchen and dining room.

DS and Amy were coming for the weekend, and I wanted the dining room grouted so we could put the table and chairs back in place…..but I had no grout sponge. The old sponge mop did work admirably, however, and we were able to finish the grout work there before the kids arrived.

On Monday, the date of our anniversary, I came home to a steak and sweet corn dinner, a glass of white merlot……and a brand new sponge mop with a shiny big gold bow!

(well, ok….there was also a new Hrooster tablecloth with matching placemats, kitchen towels and hot pads and a runner for the credenza……)

Flowers? phtt! Candy? pah! Jewelry? Snort!! I got a new MOP!!
(and I love it!)