July 2007 Archives

Whap and Crap

*****WARNING!!! GRAPHIC DISCUSSION BELOW!!******* When discussing health issues with my patients, one of my favorite phrases is “This is God whapping you up the side of the head saying ‘pay attention!!’” So, a few years ago, when I was REALLY fat, I dreamt about this little girl coming up to me in church and whapping me on the side of the head with an inflatable mallet…..in other words, God was telling ME to pay attention. Continue reading

It’s Time!

She would be appalled. My acquaintance is most certainly a wine snob.  She has tsk-tsked over my “untrained palate” in the past. For our anniversary on Monday, DH bought me a bottle of White Merlot. (For wine snobs, it is on a par with White Zinfandel: in other words, lower than whale dung.) Today, as we contemplated the placement of the glass-front cabinets in the kitchen remodel (which will hold the vintage 20’s fluted, delicate, Continue reading

And 31 is a MOP!!!

The traditional gift for one’s first anniversary is paper. The second is cotton, fifth is wood, tenth is aluminum and twenty-fifth is silver. DH and I have never been too much into “traditional” gifts for each other, and instead prefer to buy things for the house or travel. Well, this year was our 31st, and we have been on a remodeling/updating rampage. A new deck, new paint, new stair railings, finishing the flagstone patio…..and updating Continue reading

It might be time….

It’s easy to recognize the traits which make us family.  We have the K nose.  We twiddle our thumbs.  We have those stupid bumps on our heads (sebaceous cysts) that  sometimes get irritated when we brush our hair.  And there are those traits that we could easily do without…. DS and Amy came down for the weekend, driving through a forest fire to get here (….but that is another story….), just to hang out and Continue reading