Volcanoes and Archangels and Samurai….Oh My!

I always chuckle when I see the Abe Lincoln and Hedgehog Lunesta commercial.  The sleeping medication ad tells us that if we don’t sleep, we don’t dream, and our daytime life can suffer as a result.

I can….not…. relate.  My dream life is active to say the least.  And my daytime life is suffering as a result!  I am exhausted!  In the last six weeks I have experienced two volcanoes-one on the Big Island and one from Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.

I have watched the Archangel Michael stand on a parapet and call a fallen Japanese Samurai warrior back to life to help fight evil, while the evil emporer sat on his throne, minions scattered on hundreds of steps around him.

I have snorkeled around an underground circular college dormitory while the young men inside studied and watched me swim in circles around them.

I have been the second of three wives of an Indonesian man who killed me with a gun…..and then redreamt the same dream in which he knew that I knew that he was going to kill me…so didn’t.

I have been a passenger in a plane piloted by my mom (dead for more than 20 years), copiloted by my dad, flying low over the Vatican ….or was it Manchester Cathedral…while dad yelled “Pull up! Pull up! ”

I wake each day feeling more tired than when I went to bed.  I am so active in the night that rest is not happening.

I need a pill to make me stop dreaming….