Serendipity. It is a word which sounds like its meaning: a happily unexpected finding or event. Like “murmur” and “lullaby” clearly mimic their meanings, the word serendipity makes the definition clear! Those of you of my generation may remember the Serendipity Singers, a group of happy, attractive young people singing happy songs.

It was NOT serendipity this weekend when DH and I decided to freshen the entry stairway. We bought new stair rails, newel posts and planned to re-stain the redwood stairs in their original dark stain.  While he attached posts and rails, I started painting already installed rails.  I decided to take a break, set the lid on top of the paint can, and went into the house for a drink.

Minutes later I heard a thunk, followed by a rattle and then a string of profanity. DH, not realizing I had not securely replace the paint can lid, just grabbed it to pull toward him, and instead, watched the can tip, then roll down the stairs.

Serendipitously (nice segue, eh?) a new fifty pound bag of kitty litter lay just inside the garage entry, and it nicely soaked up the white paint which now dripped down and through the stairs onto the concrete below.

Serendipitously, the local building supply store had some black rubber stair tread on sale, which fit the (now white) painted stairs and keeps the (unplanned) white paint from getting scuffed up.

The profanity….not so serendipitous……