The jazz show on NPR last night featured The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It dawned on me that I saw them live in Detroit THIRTY FOUR years ago! I think it was at The Ford Theater (though my memory of that is fuzzy.) I KNOW that I attended with Michele Odrobina. Michele and I met at some job…..after three decades the number of low-wage, fill-in-the-blank jobs also becomes fuzzy….but we shared an interest in music and theater, and we spent a fair amount of time together attending such events. (I remember that I preferred to drive, because Michele had the maddening habit of pressing on the accelerator pedal in surges….fast…slow….fast….slow….fast…..)

Ruminating on that event, though, as I was drifting off to sleep, started a parade of “whatever happened to….”

…..Michele Odrobina
Irma Waclawski
Bill Conkis
Sue Yaklin
Rochelle Butts
Sandy Klaus (yes, that was truly his name….I would have sued my parents for that!!)
Janie D’Isa
Dickie Koss
Harry Reynolds
Surely it is an old woman’s folly to start reminiscing about those lost in time….