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Volcanoes and Archangels and Samurai….Oh My!

I always chuckle when I see the Abe Lincoln and Hedgehog Lunesta commercial.  The sleeping medication ad tells us that if we don’t sleep, we don’t dream, and our daytime life can suffer as a result. I can….not…. relate.  My dream life is active to say the least.  And my daytime life is suffering as a result!  I am exhausted!  In the last six weeks I have experienced two volcanoes-one on the Big Island and Continue reading


The jazz show on NPR last night featured The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It dawned on me that I saw them live in Detroit THIRTY FOUR years ago! I think it was at The Ford Theater (though my memory of that is fuzzy.) I KNOW that I attended with Michele Odrobina. Michele and I met at some job…..after three decades the number of low-wage, fill-in-the-blank jobs also becomes fuzzy….but we shared an interest in music Continue reading


Serendipity. It is a word which sounds like its meaning: a happily unexpected finding or event. Like “murmur” and “lullaby” clearly mimic their meanings, the word serendipity makes the definition clear! Those of you of my generation may remember the Serendipity Singers, a group of happy, attractive young people singing happy songs. It was NOT serendipity this weekend when DH and I decided to freshen the entry stairway. We bought new stair rails, newel posts Continue reading