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A Cow Named Grace

The NPR weekend crew was reviewing a children’s book. Scott Simon and Daniel Pinkwater obviously enjoy their periodic interpretations of such literature, and they were particularly animated when they read the book “Little Old Big Beard and Big Young Little Beard.” Listening to the broadcast only peripherally as I drove, I turned the radio up louder as I became engaged in their tale. Big Beard and Little Beard were hunting for their cow. Grace, the Continue reading

Gift of the Magi…

It was there in the fruit basket this morning…, lone……brown……banana.  He, of course had left it for me, knowing I like a banana with my cereal in the morning.  I, of course, had left it for him yesterday, knowing that he likes to just grab a banana as a quick snack as he leaves for work in the morning. So now, since neither of us ate it,  choosing to leave the last banana for the Continue reading