I’m mad as hell…

I’m sick of it.  There is a problem with…..whatever, and so I call their published number to discuss it. “For English, press 1.”  “Enter your account number.” “Enter your phone number.” “Please listen, as our menu has changed…”

And after going through all that, and waiting the requisite fifteen minutes on hold, the customer service rep (term is LOOSELY applied….) comes on and asks “what is your account number?”  Now, I already had to enter that to get to this point. “What is your phone number?” I also had to enter that to get here. So what is the purpose of making me jump through those hoops if you don’t use the information anyway?

After addressing my problem with the “rep,” I am again asked for my phone number. Haven’t I already given that twice?  And again my account number for “clarification.”

I went through this twice this morning with two different companies and cs reps. And I have decided. For any further purchases, subscriptions, accounts or …stuff…I will call the listed number first. If a  real person answers, you got my business. If I hear “for English….” I’ll just warn you:

My menu has changed.