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It’s been almost exactly six months since Sue died. Today Mariel told me about a local man who had been re-arrested last week (after jumping bail)….and I was reminded of Sue’s very last words to me:   “He pled guilty, and you are excused! Isn’t that wonderful!!?” She was referring to a that same man who was originally arrested when he tried to fill a narcotics prescription written for his cancer-victim wife….who had been dead for Continue reading

It started with a Hammond….

I don’t remember who wanted it: mom or dad….but there it was one Christmas morning when I was about seventeen. A Hammond R full console concert organ with built-in drum machine, chimes, even brushes and cymbals!  I had never taken piano, voice or any other kind of music lessons, and other than music class in school, had never really been involved in “MUSIC!” But, I started playing the Hammond.  I learned on my own, learning Continue reading