A brief history of anesthesia…..

Although various herbs and potions have been used since ancient times for the relief of pain, modern anesthesia really began in the mid 1800’s when laughing gas (nitrous oxide) was noted to induce an intoxicated state in which the gasee seemed to be impervious to pain. Ether was discovered to be an effective agent a few years later.

The medical specialty of anesthesia has advanced markedly, making the removal (and sometimes addition…) of body parts routine.

Back in the dark ages, when I was full term with DS, I failed to cooperate with my induced labor, and so after 12 hours: 4 of it spent “pushing,” I was exhausted, wracked with pain, and no closer to giving birth than when I started. A c-section was needed, and I remember to this day the blessed relief I felt when that epidural bathed my pelvic nerves.

And so, it was with great joy that I sat in Dr. Cruson’s chair this morning while he shot my jaw with anesthetic and removed the offending necrotic pulp that was the root of both my first molar, and my pain.

…..and is no longer.
Thank you, Melissa and Dr. C.