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Doctor, Doctor

We sang together in a wedding band.  She and her husband, me and my husband. They eventually split, and we “got” Ann in the divorce.  She joined us at our church, sang with us in the choir, and was my closest confidant. We met for lunch one day in 1985. She listened while I kvetched. “Change, or quichyerbichin!”  Ann was never one to mince words, and she certainly didn’t mince any when she made it Continue reading

Your Coach, Madam….

My approach to cars and purses is similar. If my car starts when I turn the key in the ignition, goes forward when I put it in drive, and stops when I press the brake, then I’m happy. Horsepower, sexy lines, leather seats with “bun warmers” are nice, but I don’t seek them out. I feel the same way about my purses. I like one that is small, holds my stuff in an organized manner, Continue reading

The Whiskey Cure…

My son, Steve just sent me a bulletin. “Scotch, scotchy scotch. I love scotch.” I never knew. (There are things a mother shouldn’t know…ya know?). But it reminded me of the forced whiskey and honey cold cure. My mom (somewhat …dependent…as 60’s frustrated wives occasionally were..) was a firm believer in the whiskey/honey/lemon cure. If my brother or I were to demonstrate even the slightest indication of a cold, flu or stomach upset, her immediate Continue reading