Thread the needle…

DCIM100MEDIA turtle tries yoga pose!  At Richardson’s beach, Hilo, Hawaii

Get off my lawn, you kids!

Get off my lawn, you kids!
Taken at 69 Beach, Puako, Hawii At 69 Beach in Puako, there is an outcropping of lava rock jutting out from the beach. It is a haven for fish, eel and turtle. This shot was taken in about 3 feet of water, less than 10 feet from shore.

Mirror, mirror…..

mirrormirror At Wai ‘Opae tidepools (now destroyed by 2018 lava flow)

Dinner is served…

DCIM100MEDIA At Honokohou National Monument above Kona, Hawaii, there is an old underwater wall, built as part of an ancient fishpond.  The wall has broken down, and as I was swimming thru the breach, I ran into this scene!

You talkin’ to me?


Fly me to the moon!

DCIM100MEDIA This was taken at Mauna Kea beach resort, about 40 feet offshore in shallow water.  I have no idea what the white orb is….? a bubble on my lens…..a reflection from the surface?  Just a serendipitous photo op!