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Slinky Theory

I spent a couple summers in the late 1960’s working “construction crew” at a summer camp in the Appalachians (most of the time I cooked and baked….). The camp was one which espoused meditation, cooperative living, and, though it was not yet a “thing,” could have been called New Age. Many of us kept in touch through the years, and in 1999, we had a reunion of sorts. You could call it our hippie reunion. Continue reading

Henny Penny Says…..

Henny Penny had been around the office for years, first appearing in one of my exam rooms as a practical joke. The rubber chicken was set up in stirrups for a pap smear on a particularly stressful and busy day as a joke perpetrated by my nursing staff. She then hung by her feet in the lounge for years as a reminder of the fun. One night my phone rang at 3:30am, the alarm company Continue reading

I’M BACK!!!!

Old ladies and computers are dangerous. I made a (miniscule…..  🙁     ) change to a snippet in The Hroost’s admin page…..and locked myself out. You all may know that this site was a birthday gift to me from my son, Steve. He did the artwork, the coding…the….everything. My grief at losing Steve is everlasting…my fear was that I had also lost access to his gift. I spent days working with GoDaddy, to whom I had Continue reading