November 2006 Archives

I Love A Parade!

I was watching the Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade today.  (Well, it’s not REALLY “Hudson’s” parade anymore, but I’ll never think of it any differently….). While watching I was suddenly overwhelmed with memories.  I grew up in a Detroit suburb, and Hudson’s was THE store. It was a special occasion when Mom would dress up in her best sixties suit and gloves (I don’t ever remember her wearing a hat, though….) and we would make the Continue reading

I am a rock….

It was just a silly little children’s book. And it made me afraid. Very afraid. After my secretary, Sue, died suddenly two months ago, my pastor handed me the book, “Tear Soup.” She told me it may help me work through my grief. I thanked her, and then set the book aside. For the next six weeks, I would look at it as I walked out the door in the morning. I’d glance at it Continue reading

What if they threw a war, and nobody came…..

George Bush is coming to town today. Though I was offered a ticket, I won’t attend the festivities. I had been called prior to his visit and invited to contribute to “the campaign fund.” I’m not sure who’s campaign fund since GB himself isn’t running, but I assume the caller was seeking contributions to the RNC to boost their war chest. I thanked the caller and informed him that I would contribute