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When it rains….

…it pours.  Or so they say. Here in Hawaii, we have two seasons.  Wet. Dry.  Usually wet is from November till March and dry is the rest. But a hurricane is passing by us, and we are reaping the rewards…such as they are.  In July, usually a pretty dry spell, we are being inundated with a rain from a stationary storm system…..we had 5 inches in less than an hour, causing our normally-dry-at-this-time-of-year gulch stream Continue reading

Kaloko-Honokohau Beach


Always on the lookout for new places to snorkel, I did some research on Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park. It is near the small boat harbor in Kona. We had been to Alula beach, on the south side of the harbor, but had never explored K-H park to the north. All the info I found was conflicting: great place to snorkel/not great due to poor visibility….sandy entrance/too rocky to access….. So, knowing that the only way Continue reading

When nightmares come true….

For forty-five years (give or take) I have played the organ in church. I am NOT a musician. I am a self-taught chord banger, but I can “fake” my way through a liturgical service. So when Rick asks me to cover him for one Sunday every now and then, I always say yes. He provides me with copies of the hymns and liturgy parts and he always “chords” them for me, as I don’t read Continue reading

We’re just sailin’ along….

in Hilo bay….. honu from c h on Vimeo.

Red Sailfin Blenney


Spent the day hangin’ with some convicts….

….tangs that is convicttang from c h on Vimeo.