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Is That a Chicken Joke? (part 2)

When I turned onto our rural road yesterday, I noted a chicken sitting in the middle of the road.    She watched me drive by her. She did not move at all. I gave her wide berth, driving around her, while I wondered if she were ill or injured.  I pulled off to the side, parked, and walked back toward her.  If she were injured, I planned to take her home and place her in my Continue reading

Manta Ray


Ermergerd…… DS and DDIL were on island for a wedding. The group planned a night-dive/snorkel to see Manta rays. DH and I invited ourselves along for the ride….. NO, my camera was NOT on zoom….these 1200-1500lb behemoths really did swim within inches of us trying to gobble up all that yummy plankton. Her injured right cephalic fin and her belly markings identify her as Jana Ray: PICT0043 from c h on Vimeo.

Squid gets skeeved….


At Richardson Beach today, there were a few leaves floating. At first I thought this was another…but realized it was a squid. We floated along side by side for a few seconds….and then he noticed me! Watch him turn blue and back away…..FAST! PICT0026 from c h on Vimeo.

White Mouth Moray Eel


Yeah, they are scary and can be mean (don’t stick your hands into crevasses…..)…but when they swim they are so sinuously beautiful! PICT0212 from c h on Vimeo.

Pi$$ed Puffer (porcupinefish)

Pi$$ed Puffer (actually porcupinefish

Oval Butterflyfish


Richardson Beach 7/1/15