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Egg song at dawn….


Eight chicks at $5 each Large steel bin as incubator $50 Infrared light for heat $20 Wood shavings for 5 months $50 Taj Mahal of chicken coops $2500 Chicken feed and scratch $75 Our first egg: Priceless!

Run With Purpose

Run With Purpose is a Facebook group of people who will donate a sum to the charity of their choice equal to the number of miles they are “active” in the month of September. I have pledged 125 miles/dollars to Lutheran World Relief. Join us!  #runanywherenation



There is a reason that you don’t want to step on the sand/coral/rocks without foot protection:  scorpionfish are highly venomous and invisible…..unless they are swimming: PICT0059 from c h on Vimeo.



At Mauna Kea Beach I happened to be in the right place at the right time: PICT0161 from c h on Vimeo. PICT0175 from c h on Vimeo.



In a casual conversation at a church potluck, Michael and I discovered we are both geezer-runners (old, and slow).  That was back in February, prior to the start of the 2014 running season,  and we jokingly challenged each other to be the pacesetter for the upcoming races.  We had both signed up for the Hilo 1/2 marathon in March,  and he and his wife and DH and I shared a table at the pre-run carbo Continue reading

DH: Mythbuster


We stopped at Onomea Bay on our way home from Hilo today. The site of Hawaii Botanical Garden, it also has public beach access…..not that anyone uses the rough, rocky beach…. But we walked to the shore and took some “touristy” pictures. The twin rocks in the bay have a legend. On a plaque in the garden is the following: The Legend of Twin Rocks The village of Kahali’i was located on this large point Continue reading