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What a crab!


Choir buddy Erin went snorkeling with us last week, and she found this recently….um…emptied….crab shell:


Today sucked. 1.  It was Sunday, and I was working.  Not a usual event. I have been able for the most part to have Sundays off….but we are short a couple docs so….. 2. All my orders seemed to be ignored.  Patient with worrisome neurological symptoms on whom I requested a STAT mri……oh, mri’s are not done on inpatients on the weekend.  Only ER patients are apparently important enough to call a tech in….Patient with Continue reading

Juvenile Rockmover Wrasse


PICT0020 from c h on Vimeo.

It was meant to be….

My teeth are crumbling. I have numerous broken fillings, at least one large cracked molar and lots of rough edges that my tongue rubs against and which cause constant discomfort. As an independent contractor, I have no “corporate benefits.” Dental insurance is way low on the list of priorities. AARP offers Delta Dental, but the monthly benefit of $90 only pays for a total of $1000 of benefits per year. NOT a reasonable return on Continue reading

Saddle Wrasse


Moorish Idol