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Mass of Light

Last year after Easter Vigil, I “double-dog-dared” Father Moki to learn David Hass’ Mass of Light for Easter Vigil this year.  He took the dare and he and the choir of Holy Apostles did it both for Vigil and Easter Sunday, under the direction of Rick Mazerewski. I am not ashamed to admit I cried through most of it! Here is a video (please ignore the poorly-prepared altos!) 20140419_3533.mp4 from c h on Vimeo.


Chele and a half…..


marathon, that is.  I finished my first 1/2 marathon this morning.  I finished 311/397, 6th/11 in my age group and with a quite respectable time of 2:42. I did make the mistake of laying on the grass at the finish line to “recover”…..and immediately stiffened up so that it was REALLY hard to get back on my feet! (….can’t wait for the next one….!)

Our Maiden Voyage

The USS HROOSTER took her maiden voyage on Hilo Bay last week.  The bright green tandem kayak is built for two, and unlike our old one, is NOT an inflatable (with all the problems that that implies…..) After two hours of paddling we learned that 1. we need butt cushions. 2. we need back cushions. She has now been properly pimped out for old folks and is ready for our next foray!   AMBA0246 from Continue reading

Hawaiian Damselfish




Another unknown, but I assume it is in the jellyfish family (cnidaria)