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Coral Polyp


I’d never seen them before: fuzzy blue or red or orange….or purple…..or pink creatures peeking out of small tubes on the surface of coral.  Yesterday at Richardson Beach I was snorkeling in shallow water at low tide.  I saw a bright blue 2 inch fuzzy thing.  I approached it….and it disappeared down the hole…..then slowly emerged again. Today I went back for video:   PICT0115 from c h on Vimeo.

Spotted Coral Blenny



I rarely wear makeup anymore.  I figure that I am nearly 62 years old.  I have wrinkles. And sags. And the beginning of a chin wattle.  I wear my gray hair proudly, and have earned every wrinkle. However, this morning I felt good.   I wore my houndstooth checked skirt with a skinny black belt, a red draped-neck shirt, black short sleeved overtop, and all matching accessories.  I looked good! And, so I added to my Continue reading

Baked Salmon with Sausage-onion topping

1lb salmon filet 4 brown and serve sausages, thawed and ground (or equivalent amount of ground sausage of choice) 1/3 cup French’s french fried onions Salt/pepper to taste 1-2 tbsp butter, melted   Place filet skin side down in a baking dish. Salt/pepper to taste. Crush the onions and mix together with the ground sausage.  Cover the filet with the sausage mixture. Drizzle the butter on top. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until Continue reading

It was the best of times……

….it was the worst of times. Today at the beach, that is.  We’ve been recently rained on by the remnants of Wali, a passing tropical storm. So, when planning a trip to the west side beaches today, we went with a bit of trepidation, worrying that the weather and water would still be “iffy.” It wasn’t. It was perfect. Sunny, warm, the water was flat and cool (not cold).  Taking my trusty Intova HD Sport Continue reading

When it rains….

…it pours.  Or so they say. Here in Hawaii, we have two seasons.  Wet. Dry.  Usually wet is from November till March and dry is the rest. But a hurricane is passing by us, and we are reaping the rewards…such as they are.  In July, usually a pretty dry spell, we are being inundated with a rain from a stationary storm system…..we had 5 inches in less than an hour, causing our normally-dry-at-this-time-of-year gulch stream Continue reading